Sunday, June 12, 2011

Culture of Anarchy : Rebellion, Chaos, and Punk Rock in Contemporary American Culture By Lane Lovegrove

The reality of anarcho-politcs: burning sport utility vehicles and polling punk rockers.

Rebellion is the result of laws written by man and norms constructed by society. I hypothesize that the undercurrent of anarchism in popular culture was created by punk rock musicians, marketed by record companies, sold to the young and in turn the young rebelled and revolted against society by rejecting consumerism and adopting anti-consumerist political actions. I will furnish two case studies, the first that punks marginalize themselves by rejecting society and removing themselves from the mainstream political process and instead use direct action as a ways to an end to promote an anti-consumerist agenda. The following sections are recreations of previous papers on punk rock politics and the second part is an analysis of the Operation Back Fire, a multi- jurisdictional law enforcement case against members of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The connection between these two different essays is that punks and ELF members are extensions of the same family tree meaning they both have their roots in an anarcho- punk rock subculture and.

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